This all-in-one printer is a convenient and time-saving machine that is perfect for small to medium-sized offices.

The hp laserjet pro m521dn laser multifunction printer can print, copy, scan and fax – providing everything you need in one reliable and versatile printer. With print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute, and scan speeds of up to 19 pages per minute, it can always handle complex jobs with excellent speed.

Office efficiency is further improved by the automatic double-sided printing and scanning that significantly reduces paper waste, making this an economic investment for your business. The 500 sheet input tray is suited to deal with heavy jobs, while additional trays can expand capacity up to 1,100 sheets to cover an even higher volume of work.

Apple Airprint enabled, printing is extremely convenient and accessible, reducing hassle as you can print instantly from any Apple device.

To get you up and started, the hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer a8p79a comes with a free 6,000 page toner so you can get printing from the moment it arrives. So overall, the hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer is a brilliant, convenient all-rounder that is ideal for a business with a variety of needs.

The hp laserjet pro m521dn price, makes this product even better we are talking about a product that is robust, efficient, and also cheap.

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Maintenance for the hp laserjet pro m521dn laser multifunction printer

Stripes when copying with the automatic document feeder, the ADF. Lines or dashes appear in copies or scans made with the automatic document feeder. When using the feeder for copies or scans, streaks or lines appear on the copies.

The stripes on the copy go from the bottom to the top of the page. This area is used when copying documents on the flat glass.

This zone is used when copying documents with the ADF. When the original passes through the bottom of the feeder, it is scanned with the optical system located here under the ADF glass. The original enters through the ADA, passes through the ADA crystal, and then returns to the ADA.

HP data indicates that more than 99% of the time a streak appears when copying with the ADF, it is due to dirt on the ADF glass. Dirt can be caused by: scraps of paper, markers, tape or fluid for corrections, adhesive marks or Post-It notes.

Clean the ADF glass with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with glass cleaner. Apply it on the cloth, not directly on the glass or device. Return a dry part of the cloth to remove debris or stains. The following is recommended for cleaning: glass cleaner, lens cleaner, soft lint-free cloth, or microfiber cloth. Make another copy. If streaks continue to appear, follow these steps: Place a blank sheet of paper in the ADF.

Draw an “X” on the paper as shown. Touch the Start button to make a copy of the test page. Open the ADF. Place the copy on the flat glass face up with the “X” as indicated. Notice that the upper left corner of the copy is aligned with the upper left corner of the flat glass. The line or line will indicate the area of ​​the glass where the dirt is. Use the nail to loosen the dirt stuck to the glass. Use only the nail. Other sharp objects may scratch the ADF glass. After loosening dirt, clean the glass and the entire area to remove all debris or stains. Now, make another copy to verify that there are no more stripes.

If you clean the ADF glass periodically, you will avoid scratches and ensure that the copies have excellent quality. Do not use abrasives, acetone, benzene, ammonia, ethyl alcohol or carbon tetrachloride in any part of the product. It could damage the product.