Remove the two metal pins on the sides of the hp monochrome laserjet pro m501dn  cartridge, the easiest way is to cut two small slots in the plastic next to each of them. Compatible cartridges from China may be slightly different. The pins for both sides are the same that separate the two halves.

Toner section and drum section push the drum axle pin out of the inside of the hp monochrome laserjet pro m501dn  cartridge wall and remove it, push the axle just enough out so you can grip it with the high-speed cutter wire cutters, the drum hub on the opposite side is welded, don’t remove it. the drum dongle gear has a spring. leave the spring end off the gear. remove the drum.

if you want to reuse the drum in the video description, find a video with more information on how to clean it, remove the loading roller, probably it is not necessary to change the wiper blade, if you want to remove the wiper blade, remove the two screws which can be difficult to remove, there is an adhesive which holds the roller.

Be careful not to damage the hp monochrome laserjet pro m501dn  recovery blade located next to the wiper blade on the toner section. Remove the two screws, remove the end cap, remove the magnetic roller with its bushings, pay attention to the bushings, which are very fragile, remove the two screws, remove the doctor blade, note that the blade seal sticks.

Substance that seals the cartridge if you want to use the cartridge in your own printer, it is not necessary to install a seal that cleans all the remaining toner from the cartridge.

It is better to use compressed air, do not inhale the toner dust, if possible, use a toner workstation that extracts all the old toner, it is very important that the toner remaining in the cartridge is mostly residual toner, clean the squeegee with isopropyl alcohol,

the squeegee controls the amount of toner on the magnetic roller, the squeegee must be perfectly straight, clean the magnetic roller with the soft cloth that the magnetic roller carries the toner from the supply chamber to the drum.

Clean the hp laserjet pro m501dn mono laser printer  loading roller with water. The loading roller places the initial charge on the drum and clears the remaining charge at the end of the cycle. Install the blade and two screws, reinstall the loading roller, lubricate the drum with toner or the wiper blade may damage it by remounting the roller insert, turn the metal axle pin several times by hand to ensure that the blade is not turned over. there is no filling hole in this cartridge, so it must be filled through the squeegee slot, the low yield cartridge will take 325 grams of toner, the high yield cartridge will take 630 grams of toner,

make sure the hp laserjet pro m501dn mono laser printer  sealing blade is not damaged, and reinstall the squeegee, and the two screws, if present, make sure that the contact print touches the blade, install the magnetic roller with its bush and the gear wheel that the magnet has in the magnetic roller rotates the roller with a wrench until the locked end fits into the locked slot in the end cap.

This can be difficult to mount the end cap, and two screws put the two halves together, insert the two pins that this cartridge has a chip in that position, replace the chip, and use a little glue to hold the chip in place.